Sand show tale. The Snow Queen

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Why go to the sand show fairy tale "The Snow Queen"?

1. Attend a unique presentation.
2. Give yourself and loved ones a fabulous, magical mood.
3. To instill in the child a love of art and literature.

What could be more comfortable than a fairy tale when it is damp and cold outside?

One of the most touching and beautiful works of G. H. Andersen, on the eve of Christmas, will come to life in the sand, to the music and voice of the actor.

Artists of the theater of sand animation "Golden Lion" prepared many wonders and surprises for young and adult viewers, and the actor, Sergey Ulashev, as always, will fill the tale with jokes and characteristic characters. Miss, certainly not have to.

Give yourself and your loved ones a beautiful, kind fairy tale.

Draw: Svetlana Danilchenko and Olga Kryzhanovskaya.
Reads: actor, Sergei Ulashev.

The musical soundtrack includes some of the best works of classical music recommended for children.

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