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Peter the Black

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Why should you go to a concert by Peter Black?

  1. A popular and charismatic performer.
  2. A new concert program of bright Gypsy and Ukrainian compositions.
  3. An incredible atmosphere of the event, which will give only pleasant memories.

Concert of Pyotr Chornoy

Petro Chornyi is a famous and talented Ukrainian singer, composer and musician. His voice is called "black gold" for his outstanding vocal performance. At the singer's concerts, there is always a wonderful atmosphere and a feeling of a celebration of music and emotions.

The most famous rum of the country with a special program on the stages of Ukraine

A solo concert by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Pyotr Chorny, with the new program "Ukrainians are Good People", in support of the 128th Military Police Brigade of the "EAST" unit. It is these defenders who are in the air defense positions, and in the hellish zones - these are the Bakhmut, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kherson directions! Let's support our Defenders together. Petro Chornyi is the official ambassador of this unit, and his concerts are held in the Dnipro region to help these guys! Together to victory! The artist is already waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets to the concert of Peter Black?

You can buy tickets online at Concert.ua at any time convenient for you.

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