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Petya and the wolf. Sand animation symphony show

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Why it is worth visiting Petya and the wolf. A symphonic show with sand animation?

1. Humanity has not yet come up with anything better for introducing kids to the orchestra.
2. Sand animation.
3. Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra together with Svetlana Telbuh.

Humanity has not yet come up with anything better for kids to get to know the orchestra than the work of our fellow countryman Sergei Prokofiev.

However, Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, led by Italian conductor Luigi Gajero, together with Svetlana Telbuh - a participant in the show "Ukraine has Talent", "America's Got Talent", the semi-finalist "Spain's Got Talent" - came up with something else. Together they will present a unique version of “Petit and the Wolf” with sand animation, which will be carried out live during the musicians' game.

This tale was voiced by presidents Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, actors Sharon Stone, Sophia Loren and Antonio Banderas, rock musicians David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Sting. In our concert, the storyteller will be Lyuba Morozova.

This is a very fascinating sight, which harmonizes and calms the viewer. Recommended for family listening. For children under 6 years old free of charge, without a separate seat.

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