Петрик і вовк. Симфонічне шоу з пісочною анімацією

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Why should visit Petrik and the wolf. Symphony show with sand animation?

1. There is nothing better for dating babies with orchestra, humanity has not figured out yet.
2. Sand animation.
3. Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra together with Svetlana Telbukh.

Could the boy from the Ukrainian village Solntsivka believe that once his tales will be voiced by Presidents Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, actors Sharon Stone, Sophie Loren and Antonio Banderas, rock musicians David Bovy, Alice Cooper and Sting?

This boy is the world-famous composer Sergei Prokofiev, and the fairy tale is the best guide of the orchestra "Petryk and Wolf". Quickly created in the spring of 1936, the symphony fairy tale was played by the best orchestras of the world under the direction of legendary conductors Leonard Bernstein, Leopold Stokowski and Daniel Barenboyma. In 1946, one of the first "Petryka and the Wolf" filmed Walt Disney, and in 2006 director Susie Templeton received for his animation a fairy tale Prokofiev his "Oscar".

Nothing better for dating babies with orchestra mankind has not yet come up with. However, the Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra, along with Svetlana Telbuch, a participant of the show "Ukraine Has a Talent", "America's Got Talent", a semifinalist "Spain's Got Talent" and the founder of the largest Ukrainian school of sand animation "Art-you" - invented something different. For the first time in Ukraine, the version of "Petryka and Wolf" with sand animation will be presented, which will be live on live during the play of musicians. This is an extremely spectacular spectacle that acts as a harmonious and calming actor on the viewer.

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