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Why is it worth going to the Sand Show fairy tale?

1. A fabulous and magical action.
2. Acquaintance with a new genre of art.
3. The opportunity to spend time with your family in an interesting and profitable way.

The Golden Lion sand animation theater will again open the door to the world of living art for children and adults. On the big screen, the adventures of a wooden boy come to life.
For children - this is a great alternative to gadgets, immersion in the magical world of fairy-tale images, artistic words and music, for adults - also warm childhood memories!
Well! You are ready?
The curtain opens, the performance begins!

The fairy tale will be drawn for you in real time by the artists of the Golden Lion sand animation theater - Svetlana Danilchenko and Olga Kryzhanovskaya
As a storyteller - a charismatic actor, the author of his own humorous programs, Sergey Ulashev.
Recommended for children from 4 years old and adults.

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