Peter Pan

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A boy named Peter Pen categorically does not want to grow up.

He really wants to preserve for all his life the love for the planet, which is called Childhood. And above all to the game. Peter has one feature that distinguishes him from all - he knows how to fly! Even his mother can not understand, and may not want this feature of the son. And one day she just closes the window for the night so that Peter will not be able to fly outside the room. This struck the guy so much that, having gathered these same children, he escapes to the island Somewhere there, which becomes for young residents a home, but without the maternal care and love necessary for their age.

The romantic girl Wendy, who lives in the world of fairy tales, saw Peter Pen flying and a strange fairy named Dzinka, without hesitation flies with her brothers behind Peter Pan. Here they are waiting for interesting meetings with the Indians, dangerous adventures with pirates and the treacherous captain Hook and much more.

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