Plastic life

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Why is it worth going to a Plastic Life show?

1. How much of your feelings are true?
2. Carefully, this performance destroys fake relationships.
3. Performance by "Egoist" Theater

In the years of its history, people hid something from their loved ones, but now there are mobile phones, social networks, which cause more and more concern. So many people think - is it really worth hiding everything? Could it be better to speak the truth? But as they say, it's not all clear.

Old friends meet families for dinner. The conversation flows into the foregoing. Some say they have nothing to hide, others doubt it. Involuntarily falls to the thought of playing a special game. This is where it begins. Do you know the person you love? Does your loved one know you? Don't you think that you have become a hostage to the situation and are not living the way you really want to be?

Plastic Life is a social tragedy for those who are not afraid to look into their souls and recognize that in reality each of us ...

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