7:40, or walk in Odessa

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Why is it worth going to the play "7:40, or Walk in Odessa"?

1. Staging thoroughly imbued with unique Odessa flavor and rich humor.
2. Anniversary show should be special.
3. The best artists of Odessa theaters will appear on the stage.

We invite you to the anniversary show of the comedy play “7:40 or Walk in Odessa”. 5-year history of the production - continues!

“7:40 or ...” are entertaining stories and songs about Odessa. Only beloved and familiar music sounds in the play. And now you are a direct participant in the events.

The plot revolves around one Odessa (well, and what else!) Family, which 20 years ago, the fate was divided ... by the ocean. Mother and youngest son were in the United States, and the oldest son remained in Odessa, who was not released from the country.

Then everything is like from the pen of Dumas: a large family at that time, 20 years later, again comes to Odessa. Purpose? - Provide mom calm ... death. But just mom is not going to die. After all, her health takes care of grandfather Dodik - an athlete, handsome and in the past - a Komsomol member. Do not shirk and grandchildren - American and Odessa. They rush, grandmother accustom to the nightlife of the city. Yes, Odessa is no longer the same, but I definitely want to live in it more than die.

The roles are performed by Yakov Gopp, Irina Tokarchuk, Alexander Samusenko, Natalya Meshkova, Egor Karelsky, Vadim Golovkov, Elena Golovina, Vladimir Lilitsky, Valentin Salnikov.

Directed by Elena Pushkina.

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7:40 or walk in Odessa

24 November 2018 19:00

Еврейский Культурный Центр, Odesa

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