Sing, Lola, sing!

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Performance "Sing, Lola, sing!" in Kyiv. Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents the romantic musical "Sing, Lola, Sing!".

Why is it worth going to the play "Sing, Lola, sing!" in Kyiv?

1. Bright musical, which gives a sea of new experiences.
2. A wonderful symbiosis of music and acting.
3. The original plot, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Performance "Sing, Lola, sing!" in Kyiv

We invite you to the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater to a luxurious musical based on the work of Heinrich Mann – "Sing, Lola, Sing!" Resounding jazz band, stylish songs and inimitable vocals will make you forget about all the problems and fully enjoy the talented creativity.

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A chic musical on the stage of the Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy

In the center of the plot is the story of a charming singer who has become the star of the port cabaret "Blue Angel". The incomparable Lola captures in a sensual captivity all who come to the light of a cabaret. Among the admirers of the artist are local gymnasium students.

The gymnasium teacher nicknamed Gnus hurries to end the terrible obscenity. But, barely seeing the seductive Lola, the Latin professor falls in love, forgetting about everything in the world...

The creators of the musical introduced elements of clowning and pantomime into the production, thanks to which the performance became unique and simply chic! And the whole galaxy of theater stars is a guarantee of unforgettable impressions.

Stage Director – Dmytro Bohomazov.

Songs are performed in English.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours 30 minutes.

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