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Why is it worth going to the play Pollyanna?

1. An ordinary girl changes the life of a gloomy, gray town
2. To find the Rovno Pollyanna, the theater conducted a casting. That's how with 35 applicants chose 10-year-old Olga Borovets
3. A performance about how a child is able to change the outlook of an adult

All of us are missing something. We feel a burning resentment, bitter disappointment and envy, when we do not get what we think deserves. You can, of course, continue to feel sorry for yourself. And you can change the world, as a girl named Pollyanna did!

Pollyanna is a typical ten-year-old child. And her life is far from carefree. Mother, and then her father - a poor parish priest - died and now the girl will have to live with her aunt. The old grumbling virgin is not at all delighted with such a burden and is not even going to disrupt his disdain.

In such a situation, even an adult would lower his arms. But not a girl with bright freckles and thin pigtails! Pollyanna not only created her own way of always enjoying life, but shared it with all the inhabitants of the town, even the most hopeless.

The performance of V. Petrov teaches us all to look at life at the right angle, leaving no chance for gloomy thoughts! "Pollyanna" is a kind, bright story that will give you a huge charge of energy, which you can generously share with others.

Roles performed: O. Borovets, A. Lutsenko, O. Kysel and others

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