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The premiere of the classic operetta Polish Blood by Oscar Nedbal on Leo Stein's libretto took place on October 25, 1913 at the Karl Theater in Vienna.

“The operetta was a resounding success in the early years of appearing on the stage and has great European popularity today - it is in the top 10 operettas of Europe.

Count Boleslav Baransky (Bollo) leads a very frivolous life and is close to ruin. His acquaintance, the landowner Jan Zarembo, would like to help him, but does not want to throw money away. But he would not mind giving his daughter Helen to the count: the title would not hurt her daughter, and her father does not doubt that she will be able to restrain her helper-dust husband. Helena, in turn, is fascinated by the count. But Bollo flatly refuses to marry: his wife should be no less noble than he is, besides he is very passionate about the beautiful dancer Wanda.

Then Helena, with the help of a friend of Count Bronislaw Popel, settles in a half-ruined count's estate as a housekeeper under the name Marina. She wears peasant clothes and with a firm hand puts things in order: she drives out freeloading friends, stops frequent drinking parties, and runs the household.

You will learn how this bold adventure will end if you decide to enjoy beautiful music, dancing, wonderful vocals, costumes and scenery, in a word, if you look at the operetta Polish Blood.

operetta in 3 acts with 1 intermission

music - O. Nedbal, play - L. Stein, translation - D. Giusto

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