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"In one fairy-tale kingdom lived-were…" - this is how all fairy tales in the world begin. We offer all kids and their parents a famous fairy tale in a new treatment!

The new "Cinderella" is sure to conquer your hearts: cool music, interactive adventures, fabulous scenery, funny characters, an incredible kaleidoscope of events, and most importantly - you are all invited to the royal ball !!! The prince, of course, will fall in love with a beautiful princess, the charming fairy will perform magic, the stepmother and her capricious daughters will be punished, and goodness and love will surely settle in your hearts!

Give your children and yourself a festive mood, positive emotions and vivid impressions by watching the fairy tale "Cinderella", which will be played for you by the stars of Ukrainian theater and cinema !!!


We work in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

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