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Why should you go to the theater to the performance of "Cinderella" in Odessa?

  1. It is the fairy tale without which it is impossible to imagine the New Year.
  2. A luxurious combination of beautiful music and professional choreography.
  3. Pleasant surprises for the audience.

The performance "Cinderella" in Odessa

We invite you to a wonderful New Year's performance "Cinderella" based on the favorite fairy tale of several generations. A wonderful performance will captivate you with magnificent costumes, bright scenery, beautiful music and dances. In addition, the audience will see unique Tantamareska dolls and will be delighted with other pleasant surprises. Don't miss it!

An incredible immersion in the magical fairy-tale world of the favorite story of all children and adults

The narrators of the tale will be cheerful and funny clowns. They will tell the audience about the kind and hardworking Cinderella, for whom fate has prepared many trials. However, neither a wicked stepmother nor capricious sisters will prevent her from becoming happy. After all, goodness and faith in the best always win! We are waiting for your whole family!

Where to buy tickets to the performance "Cinderella" in Odessa?

You can order tickets online right now at Concert.ua.