Posipaky. Year of the Dog

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From the end of December to the tenth of January is a favorite time for all children. After all at this time they are waited by the whole string of gifts and entertainments. Give your child a holiday! Come to the children's show Posipaky. Year fo the Dog from December 23 to January 4 in the Center of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Buy tickets in advance for a suitable date and time.

SV-Concert has been arranging traditional New Year and Christmas entertainments for young spectators for several years already. Dances, songs and, of course, interactive games with young fidgets from the audience will be remembered for a long time!

Miracles always begin where there is a thirst for adventure. Like all of us, restless Agnes awaits the most magical holiday - the New Year! It is difficult to imagine how many pleasant and surprising surprises await her and everyone who will join the miracle called "Minions. Year of the Dog."

To get acquainted with dinosaurs? Easily! Help Santa to save the New Year? And how! And all this acquires a special charm in combination with a unique humor from your favorite minions. In addition, all children will have the opportunity to capture their involvement in the miracle - to make a joint photo with minions, dinosaurs, Santa Claus and the rest of the characters of the show.

Miracles can not happen without you! Come along with your children to the New Year's interactive show-tale "Minions. Year of the Dog." The presentation is designed for kids from 3 years. Duration - 50 minutes.

Buy tickets online or with delivery to the children's show program "Posipaky. Year fo the Dog" from December 23 to January 4, now.

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