Dedication of the first-year students of Kyiv

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Why go to the party of initiation of the first-year students of Kiev?

1. Sorbonne Dance Show
2. Red carpet, white bear, huge cake and much more
3. Rave'era Credits

Informal dedications for students and entrants KIAVA 2018! KNU, ​​NMU, NAUKMA, KIMO, KNEU, KNETU!

If you treat yourself to elite youth, then you are surely up to us. Initiation - a party that will impress you with its luxury, uniqueness, elegance and fun.

After all, even the place where it will take place, the SORBONNE club is a special place where you need to be carefree, enjoy every moment - and, of course, shine. Here you can feel the full immersion in the world of sophisticated pleasures and a carefree atmosphere of relaxation - here are just a few "for" to see at least one time Sorbonne Club and come back again.

Sorbonne Club is also part of the largest network of establishments that were opened by a renowned restaurateur in Kiev. In the Sorbonne CLUB, the brightest events of the year are held in Kyiv, and it is considered to be the favorite and celebratory place of stars of show business and business elite. In addition, the club is considered the largest in Kiev.

Therefore, girls, dress beautiful and sophisticated dresses, boys, costumes - and we are waiting for you.

A lot of surprises and gifts await you, including: Sorbonne Dance Show, red carpet, white bear, huge cake and much more.

Hurry to buy a ticket right now, because the number of seats is limited.

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