The flow of customers and Facebook and instagram

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Why is it worth to visit the workshop "Flow of clients and Facebook and instagram"?

1. You have already tried advertising, but figured it out.
2. You have a Facebook and Instagram page, but there is little use for it.
3. Want to learn how to customize ads and learn new effective, working methods for setting up advertising.

BLOCK 1: Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
BLOCK 2: Selling Instagram
BLOCK 3: “15 ways to sell products and services on Facebook and Instagram”

Define a strategy for promoting your project in social networks.
In 3 hours we will go through the whole process of setting up advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Use a special formula to write advertising texts.
Learn how to create and customize your ads with proven technology.
Learn how to run ads to sell your services, physical goods and training
Learn about advanced Facebook and Instagram tools that increase your sales.
Get a step-by-step promotion plan on Instagram
How often do you need to publish in the social. networks? During the master class, you will create a content plan for 2019. Come up with topics for their publications.
Learn how to connect chatbota to your Facebook

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