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American singer, actress and sex symbol Merlin Monroe passed away at 36. There are many versions about her death. The author has his own opinion on this and immerses us in exploring the last day of a great woman's life. A drama about life and death that inspires.

The author of the play: O. Annenko. Director: Valentina Zhurbenko. Illuminator: A. Zhurbenko. Sound engineer: A.Timoshenko.

Cast: Larisa Andreeva / Natalia Marinchenko, Olga Listratova, Valentina Semenova, Valentina Zhurbenko, Oleg Artamonov, Vladimir Dribnic. Miroslav Voronovskaya, Julia Vyshnevskaya. Igor Fedorenko, Sergey Dariy.

The duration of the play is 1 hour 10 minutes

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