The prostitute is on hire. Premiere

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Why should you go to the play "The Prostitute for Rent"?

1. Exquisite black humor with an impressive dose of cynicism.
2. Love in all its manifestations: from banal to perverted.
3. Comedy with an intricate plot.

If your own husband does not pay attention to you, as a woman, it's at least ... offensive! Especially if you are a very attractive and successful woman.

A woman who will not waste time in vain, but immediately go to a specialist - a famous psychotherapist. And what would this doctor of human souls recommend in order to revive the old flame? Of course, to hire a prostitute!

Did Clara understand that such an experiment could destroy her family? And how to get out now to the poor guy, accustomed to obeying his domineering wife in everything? The heroes of this bright, dynamic and very eccentric comedy will go a long way to find happiness. Perhaps, having freed themselves from the distorted, completely mercantile ideas about love, they will still gain a real feeling that you can not buy...

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