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StandUp concerts "Pozhezha". Oleksiy Durnev & Volodymyr Dantes will be held in Ukrainian cities from June 10 to June 29, 2023.

Why should you go to Pozhezh stand-up? Oleksiy Durnev & Volodymyr Dantes?

  1. Cool improvisers, masterfully holding the audience's attention.
  2. A unique opportunity to personally attend the hottest YouTube show.
  3. A powerful charge of positivity that will last for a long time.

Olexii Durnev & Volodymyr Dantes with concerts in Ukrainian cities as part of the "Pozhezh Tour"

"Pozhezh" is a sensational show by Oleksii Durnev and Volodymyr Dantes, in which the presenters, together with the audience and star guests, discuss adult topics. The tandem of a famous TV presenter and a famous singer tears the audience apart and impresses with cool impromptu performances.

Conversations without taboos on the stage of your city

Finally you will be able to hear and see "Fire" live! Durnev and Dantes are ready to organize a truly unforgettable leisure experience for you. They will extract everything they want from the interlocutor, leaving no chance to say no. It will be fiery and very frank shows with 100% improvisation, join us!

Where to buy tickets for stand-up Oleksiy Durnev & Volodymyr Dantes "Pozhezha"?

You can buy tickets right now on Concert.ua. Don't delay, it looks like it will be sold out!