Black square. Invitation to dawn

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By popular demand of the audience, a masterpiece performance will return to Odessa, which will heal your soul. The performance, which is almost impossible to get a ticket in the capital. The performance, which people go to dozens of times, as a regular psychotherapy.

What would you do if every night you saw the very only person, and you would not know where to look for him? .. To tell a beloved girl who does not understand a single word in your native language? .. To ask God: victory of your team at the World Cup or a cloudless sky over your head? .. To want a person behind a glass as a gift - to break this glass or wipe it with a handkerchief in order to better see the expression of its eyes? So that they could undertake, if, by shedding one guy after another in the park, by inertia they didn’t see their fate in one of them? Finally, what would you change if nothing could be changed?

The heroes of this performance have already faced these questions. It's your turn.

But whatever you decide, remember if you were invited at dawn, then there is a high probability that you will not be parted until dusk. And here you will also meet the next dawn together ...

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