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The Adventures of Pinocchio

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The Adventures of Pinocchio.

The best gift for young viewers on the New Year is, of course, a new fairy tale, and if it is so catchy and funny as the favorite story about Buratino, then such a gift will be remembered for a long time!

The national operetta gives a real celebration to its young spectators and their parents on the eve of New Year's Eve - the musical tale “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. We are convinced that both children and their parents will look at it with delight, because they remember well the fairy tale itself and the bright music of O. Rybnikov since their childhood.

Frivolous Pinocchio, instead of going to school, falls on a puppet theater performance and then his adventures begin: he becomes a participant in a fight, almost dies by the cruel Carabas-Barabas, becomes a victim of fraudsters - Fox Alice and Kota Basilio, meets a wise turtle Tartilo, makes new friends. On the way, Pinocchio is waiting for a lot of difficulties and trials, because many want to take advantage of his childish naivety and faith in miracles. However, in the end, it is these qualities multiplied by resourcefulness that help him to get the magic golden key and open the secret door behind which the heroes are waiting ... Well, and if you have already forgotten this famous story from childhood, then we are waiting for you and your children at the premiere of the play "The Adventures of Buratino" in the National Operetta.

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