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The play "Prima Donna" in Zaporizhzhia will be held at the Zaporizhzhia Academic Regional Theater of the Young Spectator.

Why is it worth going to the theater to the performance of "Prima Donna" in Zaporizhzhia?

  1. A brilliant comedy with a lot of comic situations and bright moments.
  2. Spectacular images of heroes performed by talented actors.
  3. A wonderful rest and a charge of positive emotions for everyone.

Comedy performance "Prima Donna" in Zaporizhzhia

The play is based on a play by Broadway playwright Ken Ludwig. The genre of the production is defined as "crazy comedy". So - it must be! The roles are performed by: Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Fortus, Honored Artist of Ukraine Yurii Dranenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhii Tsevelyov, Yana Novytska, Oleg Abakumenko and others. The stage director is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Hennadiy Fortus. Duration - 2 hours and 15 minutes.

A sea of laughter, witty jokes and almighty love in the play "Prima Donna" on the stage of the Zaporizhia Theater of the young audience

The events revolve around one daring adventure that two not-so-successful actors are planning to have. They found out that an old aunt with a fortune of millions is looking for her heirs, or rather, heiresses. Because these are nieces. And the two friends couldn't think of anything better than to transform into young women! You can probably guess that there will be a lot of funny confusion and comical situations in the play. There will definitely be a place for love that will conquer all. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets to the "Prima Donna" performance in Zaporizhzhia?

Just now you can order tickets online on the Concert.ua website. Early booking allows you to get the most comfortable seats in the hall.