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Saint Nicholas, or Nicholas the Wonderworker is considered the patron saint of children. This good wizard on the night of December 18 to 19, comes to the house where there are children, and rewards them for good behavior in the passing year, so all the children every year are looking forward to this meeting. But he will come to us a little earlier in order to congratulate everyone!

On December 16, at the Center for Culture and Arts, you will be met by Nikolai and his assistants from a fairy tale who, before the start of the performance, will greet all children and parents with a holiday. They will dance with children, recite poems, sing songs and take pictures with everyone. And then Nikolai will invite everyone to the hall - a gift from Nicholas is waiting for you there - a performance based on the folk tale “The Frog Princess”. A play by Anna Tsiban, songs by Evgeny Kulakov, the final song to the music of G. Gladkov.

Attracting children to co-creation, the actors will play the famous plot about the royal sons, who with the help of saigas and arrows searched for their wives. Older sons have wives, like wives, and younger ones have a frog. But it turned out - the youngest was lucky, but you have to fight for your happiness.

Cheerful, lively and very kind fairy tale. After all, even Baba Yaga and Koschey are not terrible in her, but the “glamorous” ones also soulfully sing.

Young viewers are waiting for fun games and a journey into the world of animation. With the help of the latest projection technologies, children will fall into a fabulous country of illusions and magical transformations. The duration of the performance is 50 minutes. Greeting Nicholas 30 minutes before the start of the performances. Waiting for you!

Performance in Ukrainian.

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