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At the heart of this unusual performance are two famous Ukrainian folk tales - Kurochka Ryaba and Repk.

Viewers will have the opportunity to see organically used elements of children's folklore - tongue twisters, toys, songs, and dance. All this creates a unique atmosphere of a combination of actors, dolls and the viewer. In Baba and Deda brawl - they are preparing for spring work in the field. Even Dog and Cat help them enthusiastically. But unexpectedly the hen Ryaba fell ill. Baba helps cure Chick. And for this hen gives her a golden egg.

All the heroes of the performance, together with the audience, are trying to break the golden egg, but they fail. And only the little Mouse helps to break it. And then - a miracle! The egg is broken, but instead of the yolk in it is a seed. It turns out that the grain is not simple, but magical. Heroes decide to plant in the ground and see what grows from it. And here the magic Turnip grows from the seed, which the characters of the fairy tale extract together from the ground. And the Golden Sun appears in the sky.

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