Rain seller 12+

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Optimistic drama "The seller of the rain"

Water gives life. And on the ranch of the Curry family for several months drought reigns.

101 degrees not only outside the window, but also in the relations between the characters.

Father can not wait to marry a daughter, who “stayed behind” in the girls, but the assistant Sheriff (a wonderful party, according to the Curry family) does not want to marry her; the youngest wants to try adulthood, and the older one wants to get rid of the burden of responsibility. And already quite an adult girl Lizzy still believes that happiness will come to her.

And in one of the hottest evenings, the Rain Seller enters their door ...

The history of climate catastrophe, told by Richard Nash, sounds like an unbanal story of the search for happiness, and the genre of the musical makes it even more expressive. Powerful and unexpected dramatic plot, original music and songs, bright ballet numberra made the performance an ideal combination of musical and dramatic beginnings.

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