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Rain seller 12+

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Why should you go to the play "Rain seller"?

1. Get a new experience from exploring the original genre of optimistic drama.
2. A fascinating plot will not allow to be distracted even for a moment.
3. A performance combining drama and musical will not leave anyone indifferent.

Theater on Podol invites you to the play "The seller of the rain." Staging in the format of optimistic drama, harmonious design of the musical is new impressions and strong emotions.

“The seller of the rain” is the story of the Curry family, who knows the price of water well: there is a long drought on their ranches. A high degree is observed not only on the street, but also in human relations. On the one hand there is a father who seeks to marry a daughter (in the girls stayed up late) for the deputy sheriff. On the other hand, the “groom” himself, who certainly does not want to marry a girl.

There is also a younger son who dreams of independence and adulthood. In this case, the elder simply seeks to disclaim all responsibility. And adult Lizzy does not get tired of waiting for her happiness. The story takes on a new twist when Curry appears on the threshold... a seller of rain.

The musical genre, non-trivial plot, ballet performances, the problem of the search for happiness - all this makes the play extremely interesting for the viewer.

Waiting for you!