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Why go to the PROMISE musical?

1. A musical from the world-famous director from the USA, which was first introduced in Europe.
2. A grand theatrical action with more than 50 actors will completely immerse you in the past. You will feel at the intersection of two epochs.
3. A fanciful game of actors, large-scale scenery and costumes, live sound will not leave indifferent any spectator.

Premiere of the whole of Europe! Musical from the world-famous director Richard Montes in Kiev!

A story that will always cause violent emotions. The feelings that touch the depths of the soul. Pairing the past and the present. All this and much more in the Promise musical.

Musical Promise Richard Montes will put in Europe for the first time. There are already 82 countries behind the Americanscho director, full of halls and unforgettable impressions from watching each of his productions.

Only two days - do not miss!

Virtuoso acting game - more than 50 actors on one scene. Live musical accompaniment. A large-scale show that will not leave anyone indifferent!

We invite you to enjoy the view and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the musical on April 26 and 27 at 19:00, the Concert Hall in Malinskaya.

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