The Farewell Tango

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Why should you go to the performance The Farewell Tango?

1. If you like the era of the 60's
2. The plot clinging to the living
3. Excellent teamwork of the magnificent Anna Varpahovskaya and young actors

In the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka, the benefit of the prima donna of the great scene - the delightful Anna Varpakhovskaya! In the enchanting tragicomedy "Farewell Tango", the actress played the role of the imposing lord Edda, the mistress of fate and the prisoner of her own passions.

Created under the play of the Italian playwright Aldo Nikolai, the play takes the audience in the 60s of the last century. There are only three heroes in front of us: a solid, far from poor Edba, the post-Balzac lady, her talkative servant Fock and the handsome young man Elio.

The life of the main heroine is already rolling to the sunset, but her memory does not want to put up with it. Yesterday's seducer of the famous and wealthy - ministers, generals, princes, diplomats and even an Indian Maharaj - lives with memories of past love triumphs. It seems that the señor erases the line between the past and the present, between fiction and reality. In the daytime she still somehow holds onto the fray of consciousness, but at night her imagination is carried to the dream country. Instead of a dream - a dream of pure, bright, uninspired love. Where are you, prince on a white horse?

And one evening a doorbell rings. On the threshold - he... Beautiful, young, fatal. Did her dream come true? Perhaps this young man will decorate the decline of her life. Do not rush to conclusions. The guy somehow insistently asks about the past of the Edda, clarifies every detail, as if he knows something or guesses... Only at the end of the performance the viewer understands that he links the two heroes.

"Farewell Tango" is both a bitter story of loneliness, and payment for terrible sins, and later insight from which one can not escape.

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