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A simple Ukrainian Scythian woman

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The play "A Simple Ukrainian Scythian Woman" will take place in Kyiv at the National Academic Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Simple Ukrainian Scythian Woman" in Kyiv?

  1. A topical one-man show, awarded with high artistic awards.
  2. A deep idea.
  3. Vivid impressions that will stay with you for a long time.

The play "A Simple Ukrainian Scythian Woman" in Kyiv

The Mykolaiv Academic Art Drama Theater presents a one-act monoplay based on the novel by Tamara Gorikha Zernya. The performer is Maryna Vasylieva, who was awarded the "Best Female Role" diploma for her performance in the play. The work "A Simple Ukrainian Scythian Woman" also received many high awards, in particular, from the International Theater Festival of monologues "Monologues nad Uzh" (2023), the 53rd All-Ukrainian Theater Arts Festival "September Gems" (2023). The production was also awarded the diploma "The best play about the war". And the creative team received a special diploma of the Homo Ludens Open Theater Festival.

About a woman and her special role during the war in a theater play

The connection of generations, the influence of ancient roots - are especially vividly manifested during the war. And the sense of responsibility for one's kind, its continuation is noticeably sharpening. A woman in such times is not just protection and reliable support for a man. She also awakens the gift of a seer and a healer. Turning to the powerful force of nature, she is able to survive on her own and give vitality to others. The play is powerful and very important in our modern context. Don't miss it!

Where to buy tickets for the play "A Simple Ukrainian Scythian Woman" in Kyiv?

Tickets can be ordered online at Concert.ua.