Mix Fight Fighting

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Why should I go to the show "Mix Fight Fight"?

1. How without humorous projects - in April!
2. The most ridiculous and promising comedians of the country will appear on the stage of "Prozharki".
3. You personally can influence the definition of the winner's name of the season.

You were waiting for something similar, but THIS was not expected: the most funny and hot project is "Mix Fight Fight" - in MonteRay Live Stage! You can not miss!

The most expected event of a humorous year will bring under one roof the main comedians of the country - the winners of steep TV shows, the stars in the standup genre and not only! You will witness not only the bright performances of the participants, but also the bold "roasting" of the star guest.

At the end of the season, the winner will be announced, who will go on a tour of North America together with the project "League of Laughter in the US". And the winner of each game will be given a ticket to rest abroad. "Mix Fight Fighting" is a fascinating fun tournament where comedians will "tear" the shreds of the hall, the audience will help determine the best, and the organizers will take the winner out of the country. Like this.

Come and feel the fire "Roasting" on yourself! We wait!

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