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Prozharka from The Stand Up

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Why go to the Stand Up Prozharka?

1. The Stand Up breaks stereotypes and boundaries.
2. We are not afraid to experiment, and launch a new format.
3. Adrenaline, endorphins, hormones of happiness, tears of laughter, pain in the cheekbones of a smile, and, of course, the star guest - and this is just a little of what will happen.

Everyone can heytit in social networks, as he understands that he will not fly for it. But not everyone can heit vzhuvuyu, in front of a whole hall of people and not on some incomprehensible person, but a real star. Straight in the face. So not everyone can!

We can. Your attention is a new humorous project "Prozharka". Prozharka will not be in one direction, our comedians will also get from the star !!! In general, a long story. Come on! It will be stellar, funny, tough!

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