Drunk Cherries, or Dessert for Katya

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Why should you go to the play "Drunk Cherries, or Dessert for Katya"?

1. The intriguing title hides an equally spectacular plot.
2. The performance, which reveals the eternal theme of the relationship between the two sexes, will not leave anyone indifferent.
3. A great play of actors and a good portion of humor is a recipe for a wonderful evening.

Kiev theater "Bravo" invites you to the bright comedy "Drunk Cherries, or Dessert for Katya". Exquisite humor, life stories, the inimitable play of actors: just do not miss it!

Drunk cherry - a combination that someone associates with a juicy sweet delicacy. For others, these words are the embodiment of something more mundane and vital, having nothing to do with sweets. So what did the author mean when he called the play “Drunk Cherries...” - his heroines or something else? And why is it about dessert for Katya? Who is she and why is her main focus?

Come to the play and find out the answers to all your questions! Sure, it will be interesting, fun and painfully clear. After all, on the stage - the wonderful artists of the theater "Bravo".

Director - Nadezhda Ilchenko.

Under the leadership of the artistic director of Lubov Titarenko, the Bravo Theater became the first private theater in the capital and today can boast a huge family of friends and spectators. Join now!

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