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Rapunzel. New Year's magic

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As part of a tour of the European tour of Berlin, Munich, Prague, Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Kiev

M & S Entertainment UG Germany



Grand New Year performance based on the beloved story of the most famous German authors of the tale-tellers of the Brothers Grimm


The premiere of the musical took place on December 4, 2016 in Germany, as part of a European tour, which took place in 16 cities of Germany and Austria. To date, there have been 71 performances in Ukraine and other countries.

This New Year's gift from the creators of the hit performances of the musicals “The Snow Queen. The power of a hot heart "," Uh, Hare, wait-and-and-and - !!! "," Puss in Boots "," New Year's Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood "," New Year's Adventures of the Princess ", which conquered the audience in Germany and other European countries! For true connoisseurs of good children's ideas, the trail of which remains forever in the soul of every child! The brightest event of 2018 !!!

The plot of the legendary fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm is so exciting and loved by children and adults on all continents, more than once became the basis for theatrical performances, feature films and cartoons, ice shows, musicals, acquiring millions of new fans. We offer something new - surprisingly touching, incredibly fun and truly magical on-stage reading of a popular classic story.

Romantic and faster beauty Rapunzel languishes in a high tower in anticipation of the fulfillment of the ancient prediction - the appearance of the beautiful Prince, who on the eve of the New Year will release her from prison. After all, the New Year time is the time for the fulfillment of the most secret desires! Wicked witch, pretending to be a princess mother, in every way opposes this idea, because the girl has a magical gift - a magic long braid. When Rapunzel sings, her hair can heal wounds and give eternal youth. This fantastic power and need a sorceress. But the evil sorceress is trying in vain, because Rapunzel has real friends - Prince in love with her, noble forest robbers, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and, of course, young spectators who will have to try a lot. After all, their interactive help will definitely be needed for fairy-tale heroes! Our musical is an enchanting show with melodic songs, fiery dances and the most unpredictable plot twists. A real decoration of the performance will be fights on real knight swords, acrobatic stunts, hand-to-hand fighting and action scenes. The show is designed for the widest audience. All girls from 3 to 15 years old will surely fall in love with the gentle and touching beauty of Rapunzel, and boys of all ages will undoubtedly be carried away by the strength, dexterity and courage of the fairy-tale Prince. Parents will definitely note subtle unobtrusive humor, high-quality musical material, filigree acting.

In a word, “Rapunzel. NEW YEAR'S MAGIC “is a real Christmas story - ancient and mysterious and at the same time good, modern, funny and instructive.

And before the presentation begins, an interactive game program with the participation of your favorite New Year characters - Father Frost and Snow Maiden will help to set up the young guests in the desired fashion. Every child will be able to try himself in fun games, contests and attractions, light a festive tree, and lead the New Year's round dance. Children under 3 years of age enter the fabulous action free.

We are waiting for you at the play “Rapunzel. NEW YEAR MAGIC. We guarantee a fabulous atmosphere, a festive mood, a sea of ​​positive emotions and impressions!

We will give you and your children an unforgettable bright atmosphere of the New Year holiday!

Produced by: Igor Misliviy, Elias Soroush (Germany)

Director, Scriptwriter, Songwriter - Kokhanovskaya Power

Choreography: Stanislav Volotovsky

Lighting Designer - Michael Li Tschan Lin (FRG)

Director of stunt and stage battles - Igor Mislivy

Arranger - Ella Malakhova, Taras Shevchenko, Yura Katin

The duration of the game program is 30 minutes.

The duration of the performance is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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