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Undress, let’s talk

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Why is it worth going to the play "Undress - let's talk"?

1. The performance will swirl in the dynamic whirlpool of events and emotions, allowing you to forget about everyday vanity.
2. On the stage will come talented actors, whose game - above all praise.
3. With a sense of humor to look at the turmoil in family life - it still did not harm anyone.

Kiev Theater "Millennium" invites you to the comedy "Undress - let's talk". In the company of amazing actors, the evening will fly by unnoticed!

"Undress - let's talk" - it's funny and touching about the important and difficult, about the relationship in the family. More precisely, about how one day they give a leak, starting to slowly fall apart. The heroes of the play are Philip and Joanna, who for a long time have lived in a happy marriage. Time is not inexorable, and passion is weakened. And the ghost of ideal relations disappeared somewhere ...

Yes, there is a good job, a cozy home, trust, but! To take something you need. And it's urgent. What will save the relationship? Oh, never guess: repair! Come and see how the interior designer and the repair process rekindle the flame of love.

In the play there are plenty of funny situations, unexpected twists and lively humor. Especially fun for the events will be observed by those who know firsthand what a long family life is. The main idea of the play - love can always be preserved! The director is Olga Popova. Waiting for you!

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