Relate by KDT. Together with Sergey Babkin

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Why should I go to the Relate show?

1. The author's choreography by Vasily Kozar, the main choreographer of the television show "Dance with Stars" on the 1+1 channel, the tour of Tina Karol "Intonation"
2. Creative collaboration with incredible Sergei Babkin
3. The best dancers of the country, prizewinners of Ukrainian and foreign television projects. 14 dance stories based on real life events, author's music, deep charismatic vocals

Most recently, Vasily Kozar was the director of the number Sergei Babkin for the semifinal of the selection of the Eurovision 2018. The creative tandem of Sergei and Snezhana Babkin with Vasily Kozar started as early as the project "Dancing with the Stars", where Vasily choreographed a couple for the track Iron Sky.

Now the audience has the opportunity to look at a completely different creative collaboration of people who live by music, are not afraid to swim against the current show business, working in its unique style.

Dance show RELATE - the best choreographic productions of Vasily Kozar, who come to life under the well-known musical compositions, the original music of Alexander Black. The captivating vocal and author's music of Sergey Babkin is an integral part of several dance stories.

RELATE talks about the relationships of people through choreography, vocal and author's music. You will see 14 dance stories based on real events of each of us, presented with the help of experimental modern choreography, antique vocal, author's music.

Dance stories of the show RELATE will be told by the best dancers of the country, prize-winners of Ukrainian and foreign television projects "Dance All", "Dances", "Ukraine is talent".

The founder of the theater Kozar Dance Theater [KDT] Vasily Kozar - the main choreographer of the television show "Dance with stars" on the channel 1+1, the choreographer of the tour director Tina Karol 17/18. Choreographer of video clips for artists: Tina Karol, Svetlana Loboda, ONUKA, Alloise. Director of the finals of Miss Ukraine 2017. The choreographer is a producer of multimedia dance performances for companies: Mercedes, Ferrari, Aditya Birla Group, shown in London, Berlin, Mumbai.

Also in the performance RELATE are our friends - the collective of the talented director-choreographer Denis Stulnikov - BAKING SODA.

Director-choreographer - Vasily Kozar
Star guests - Sergey and Snezhana Babkin
Choreographer - Denis Stulnikov
Musical producer - Alexander Cherny
Producer - Antonio Rybalchenko
Artists - Olga Goldis, Alexey Busko, Vitaliy Savchenko, Maxim Pekny, Alena Tkachenko, Irina Lysenko, Bogdan Harlym, Alisa Zaitseva, Tatyana Vutsup, Dmitry Abram, Alexandra Kravchenko, Alina Kobilyak, Ekaterina Luzan, Zoya Saganenko.

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