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The play about happiness, as it is, is simple, quiet and often not at all. Come to the "Theater on the Podol" and enjoy the color and inimitable humor in the production of "Revision-shmaviziya."

"Jewish happiness". It seems everyone knows what it is. And at the same time nobody knows. Probably, the seekers of this most notorious "Jewish happiness" are at a loss to say what it is. Therefore, dear audience, do not rush to laugh or cry. And do not jump too early.

How often, we are completely blind and do not realize the obvious that right now we have all the necessary qualities and circumstances to finally become happy. Similarly, the protagonist of the production of "Revision-Shmavizia" does not notice at all that all the time happiness was very close.

Unusual events take place in the provincial philharmonic around the 70s of the 20th century. First, the death and funeral of a technical worker of a musical institution.

Then an unexpected revision. All this leads to a string of mystical and comic incidents. It turns out that you can write letters to the next world and even get answers to them in a dream ...

The play "Revision-Shmavizia" is the final part of the trilogy of the modern Ukrainian writer Anatoly Crimea under the title "Stories about Jewish happiness". But it's worth watching the production, to easily see that it is not really Jewish, but the most common one.

Director-director - Igor Slavinsky. The roles are played by: Sergei Boyko, Fedor Olkhovsky, Roman Khalaimov, Alexander Clauning, Sofia Pisman.

Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes.

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