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The auditor will be held thanks to ZSU! This year in Ukrainian cities - a legendary comedy performance based on Gogol "Revisor"!

Why should you go to the play "Revisor"?

  1. A famous performance that has already conquered a huge number of viewers.
  2. An interesting and relevant plot that keeps you in suspense for the entire time.
  3. Great actors and a source of good mood.

Gogol's eternal classic: the play "Revisor" in your city

We invite you to watch the enchanting comedy based on the work of the same name by Mykola Gogol "Revisor"! The always relevant classic raises acute questions that were, are and will remain relevant in any society: lawlessness, bribery, fraud. As you can see, nothing has changed in a century and a half.

Come and enjoy the brilliant performance of the actors and the luxurious Gogol humor!

You can order tickets online.

Colorful images, bright jokes and many comic situations

"Revisor" is a performance that creates a mood and firmly "holds" the attention of the viewer. A provincial town with allegedly influential officials froze in anticipation of the arrival of the auditor, who will pretend to be an ordinary metropolitan swindler. Each representative of the bureaucracy demonstrates the "best" character traits. And the star actors play them impeccably!

The roles are performed by: Volodymyr Goryanskyi, Ksenia Vertynska, Liliya Rebryk, Oleksiy Vertynskyi and others.

Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets to the play "Revisor"?

It is very easy to get tickets for the performance "Revisor" online on the Concert.ua website.

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