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Have you heard that Santa Claus returns to Kiev from December 7?

This winter on the territory of the "Winter Country" at VDNH resumes its work "Residence of Santa Claus". Finally, one can no longer invent the fairy tale that a gift from Santa Claus was handed over by a bunny or that a "grandfather" flew in with gifts too late at night and therefore no one saw it. Now you can come to the Residence, meet the real Santa Claus, take a photo to commemorate this meeting and receive your New Year's gift *!

The Residence of Santa Claus is an interactive show-fairy tale with charming characters, bright scenery and an interesting program, which will be open to all children, regardless of age.
Here every kid can get into Santa Claus' home and get to know his fairy-tale surroundings. Faithful friends of Santa Claus - elves - will organize an entertaining program consisting of mini-quests and interesting tasks, as well as help to write a letter of wishes if the baby did not have time to do it at home.

The most important part of the visit to the Residence will be meeting with Santa Claus himself. Everyone will be able to sit on his lap, ask him about life in the magical land and make him wish for the future.
And, of course, Grandpa won't leave anyone without a sweet gift * and pictures to remember!
Do not miss the opportunity to extend your faith in Santa Claus for a little while, because childhood lasts until we start a fairy tale in our lives.

* Gift to each guest is included in the ticket price
Children up to 4 years of age may enter one ticket with an adult accompanying them.

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