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Why is it worth going to the concert of Richie Kohlich?

1. The team is the official "Rammstein" cover band.
2. Unforgettable pyrotechnic show.
3. From the incredible expression of Richie blows the roof.

Hurry up to the grandiose show of the incredible Richie Prickly! His energy is enough for everyone!

An extraordinary project was created in March 2004. Its founders are vocalist Richie Kolyuchy, keyboardist Synthetic and drummer Vipa. From the first joint rehearsal the guys realized: a cool project - to be!

Then the band was joined by guitarist Homo Amoraleus, bassist Hron and keyboardist Halley. A dozen songs (lyrics from Richie, music by Synthetic, Halley and Vaipa) - that's what was in the baggage at first. At that time, the "Alien" composition was only "Sex Machine".

Waiting for everybody!

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