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Christmas Story with Tina Karol

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“Christmas Story with Tina Karol” in Kyiv: a grand event full of positive emotions.

Why is it worth going to the “Christmas story with Tina Karol” in Kyiv?

1. Get a pleasant festive atmosphere at a unique event.
2. On one stage to see the most vibrant, successful and talented Ukrainians.
3. You will feel part of a large friendly family and you will have something to tell your friends.

Gala concert "Christmas story with Tina Karol" in the palace of sports

On December 22, 23 and 24, the Palace of Sports will host gala concerts “Christmas Story with Tina Karol”. The event will be held with the support of the “1+1” TV channel and the “Zdiisny mriiu” project.

Come to the concert with a big company, with friends and family, and get an unforgettable experience!

Become a part of the new Ukrainian tradition – a wonderful holiday called "Christmas Story with Tina Karol." Outstanding Ukrainians, whose achievements deserve wide recognition: artists and athletes, public figures and politicians, talented children, will become participants in the big show.

The grand multi-genre show will combine music and culture. The main Christmas tree of the country will also fulfill an important social mission: together with the “Zdiisny mriiu” project, Tina Karol will fulfill the dreams of little Ukrainians, giving joy and hope.

There is one more good news for the concert guests. Among the audience valuable gifts for the New Year will be raffled off!

“Christmas story with Tina Karol”: revival of New Year and Christmas traditions in Kyiv!

“The Christmas Story with Tina Karol” is a project that unites and gives maximum positive. The singer’s goal is also to revive wonderful New Year and Christmas traditions, when noisy friendly companies and families get together and sing carols and lavishes.

Channel "1+1" will prepare a concert version of the concert. Stage directors are Nataliia Rovnenska, Nataliia Lysenkova and Mariia Hryhorashchenko.

Where to buy tickets for the show “Christmas story with Tina Karol” in Kyiv?

Choose the most convenient way to buy a ticket for yourself and your loved ones: online, delivered by courier, at ticket offices. Join the beautiful and good holiday! We are waiting for you!

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