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Christmas Glove and New Year's program

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Good evening to your house!
Bless us to be generous,
Sing songs and tell a fairy tale,
Do you bless?

Thus begins our new New Year and Christmas action based on the Ukrainian folk tale "Glove". And it is started by five carolers. They will sing and dance for us and tell us a fairy tale!
And about whom? And about grandfather! He was walking in the woods for a Christmas tree. He was cold. He had a hat, a fur coat, and no gloves. More precisely, he had, but one. And the other, where did it go? And lost!
But it is known that one is lost and the other is. And who found her? And the new owners: Myshka-shkryabotushka, Zaychyk-pobigaychyk, Lysychka-sestrychka, Kaban-iklan and Vedmid-nabrid.
Noisy, noisy, crowded and uncomfortable for all residents in one glove: The bear is snoring, the boar is not sleeping, the fox is bored, the hare is shaking, and the mouse, so the poor man stepped on his feet! So there was a fight in the glove. That's when the glove was gone - her quarrels, complaints and grievances broke.
And what to do to animals now? Everyone sees everyone guilty except himself. The Scrabble Mouse, the Running Bunny, the Sister Fox, the Ican Boar and the Bored Bear thought.
But suddenly the Bear jumps, jumps, roars, roars: "Christmas is coming soon, it's not good to quarrel on holidays!". Four pairs of eyes looked at him in surprise: Mice-scratchers, Bunny-runner, Fox-sister, Boar-fang, they say: "And what?".
And the Bear is not confused, he says: "And let's go to the Christmas star, maybe it will help us ..."
So they left! And what the Christmas miracle has prepared for our animals, you will learn by watching our fairy tale, listening to our carolers and singing with them.
Let's just say that from the carol not only the soul grows bigger, but also everything nearby, the heart sings, the house brightens ...

The sky was covered with clear stars,
Our land has been illuminated.
Good evening, good evening,
Cheers to all people.

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