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"A Raven's Mare's Christmas Dream" is a new co-production of the National Center for Theater Arts. Les Kurbas and the Solo Theater.

This performance marks the 130th anniversary of Ostap Cherries and the 200th anniversary of Panteleimon Kulish's birthday.

Director Ludmila Kolosovich staged a synthetic performance where the rhythm of the action is set solely by literary text.

The "crow's mare's Christmas dream" is a poignant satire not only of the then-modern Ukrainian village, which is in centuries-old poverty, but of Ukraine as a whole.

Events take place on Christmas night. The same is logical in the sadly ironic laugh of O. Cherry's story, the intertwining of Panteleimon Kulish's ancient "Nativity Scene" interweaves in the classic literary treatment of the 19th century. and authentic carols of Poltava and Donetsk regions.

The TV-like nativity scene becomes the own hell of Herod-Putin and his entourage of Russian and Ukrainian propagandists, businessmen and bureaucrats who are terrified of the soon-to-be-born Savior.

Actress Tatiana Tushic needs to be reincarnated into all archetypal characters solely by voice.

In Kobyla's monologue, modern Ukraine is personified - an elderly, irrational woman in an embroidered undershirt under a black coat, with a bandaged arm, in military berets, with a bell necklace on her neck - an oligarchic collar ...

Come to the show for the texts of the long-suffering, but not sad Ostap Cherries!


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