Quest mission. Maleficent. Magical creatures

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Attention! The quest is designed for children from 5 to 11 years old!

Why is it worth going to the rescue quest mission "Maleficent. Magical creatures"?

1. Fairytale atmosphere
2. The breath of true enchantment
3. Explosive impression

Rescue quest mission "Maleficent. Magical creatures."

And they lived happily ever after ... So the story of the sorceress of Maleficent should end. But no. Disaster came to the magic kingdom again. Followers of Queen Ingrid do not give up just like that. From now on, their main desire is to seize the magical skills of the inhabitants of the swamps.

Fairy aunts were the first to sound the alarm, and before the disappearance they managed to send a letter asking for help. Our heroes face a new challenge - to save the magical world and return everything to its place.

However, they themselves can not cope. The success of the operation is up to you! Only courage, ingenuity and quite a bit of magic are needed.

During a rescue quest mission, users:

arrange aerial troll hunts
save feecvit from destruction
release prisoners from a secret laboratory
go through a huge web
will create a protective potion

The program includes: extreme chemical transformations, interesting puzzles and fun competitions!

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Quest mission. Maleficent. Magical creatures

29 February 2020 16:00

Kyiv, Teleport360

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from 10 EUR

Quest mission. Maleficent. magical creatures

01 March 2020 16:00

Kyiv, Teleport360

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