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Why should I go to Rock in Ukraine?

1. Music is in your style. Rock, rock and only rock.
2. They are not alone! Here are your like-minded people.
3. It's not far away, it's around the corner.
4. This is the festival on which you are so long a check.

Rock in Ukraine - City Rock Music Festival!

You can not skip it, because the stage will light up:
- Guano Apes
- O.Torvald
- Animal ДжаZ

It's like a cozy tight rock club, only oupen-eyre
It's like a classic underground, only on the Great Scene
It's like an atmosphere of small, loud spaces, just outdoors
It's like listening to a dirty tape cured with old good friends, just like Thousands

It is clinging to the stage
This is to see old good ones and future New ones
This is a super-powered and full-fledged
It's again to take an old kitty and swaddle jeans
These are badges on jackets and wood hands
And for a long time the DIO "goat" has been invented in the thousands raised up by hands

it's loud here
it's fun here
Everything is so in your way and you love it!

WHO YOU WOULD NOT HAPPEN AND WHERE YOU HAVE HAPPENED, HERE is your place today at Rock in Ukraine.
Tear off
Rock in Ukraine.

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