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Beautiful cuckold - premiere based on the classic play of the Belgian playwright Fernand Krommelinka. Director - Ivan Uryvsky.

“The Beautiful Cuckold” is a visionary, acting and directing experiment of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater. That is, the director's desire to look at a classic play through the prism of childhood dreams and dreams of the main characters - Bruno, Stella, Petrus, Estryugo. Therefore, the circle of actors in Krommelynka’s multi-populated play has been narrowed, and the main line connects precisely the three of them who thought they left their games of love-jealousy in childhood, but childhood does not just disappear and sometimes enters into our adult life, then in him breaking, giving birth, turning even an adult person into a capricious child with his jealousy, whims, complexes, delusions, madness.

In “The Beautiful Cuckold”, director Ivan Uryvsky tries to feel and understand the characters of F. Krommelink through the “fairy tale” factor. Through a fairy tale only for adults and because of that incomprehensible world of childhood, in which amazing characters still live in this performance. This is the world of Krommelinka, this is also the world of the fairy tales of Andersen, other myth-makers, in whose captivity we ourselves remain permanently, no matter how many years we have been.

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