Role-playing games

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Why should you go to the play "Role-playing games"?

1. You will visit a unique performance, in which the actors play children who play in adults.
2. You will get the opportunity to look at our hard world with children's eyes.
3. You will understand which games are best not to play.

Comedy is not childish. "Role-playing games" is a tragi-performance.

The soul of man is a mystery, but the soul of a child is doubly mysterious. Who are these creatures that suddenly appear in our homes? Very often in their eyes, as in a crooked mirror, we see ourselves. The story of two Serbian boys and two girls, who play in their yard every day in quite scary and adult games, was written by the famous Serbian playwright Biljana Srblyanovich.

The performance is attractive because we, as if through the eyes of our children, can see the world in which we live. Children reproduce those actions and say the words that they hear daily from us, their parents. At the "role-playing" played, we will be terrified and laugh at ourselves, at our fears and desires, at our complexes and inclinations.

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