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Theater "Masks" in the comedy "Romeo and Juliet"

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Why is it worth going to the play “Romeo and Juliet”?

1. This performance is performed only in the theater "Masks" and nowhere else in the world
2. Performs the main composition of the theater "Masks"
3. The performance is very funny and entertaining.

The comedy of Boris Barsky directed by George Deliev performed by the main cast of the legendary Masks Show theater

The impudent and insanely funny comedy of the Masks theater A play about love, happy love, because love is happiness, love is music, dance! Love is life!

Juliet, an overgrown girl of thirty-five, was promised to be a wife to Paris, a relative of the prince who was repeatedly injured in the head with an iron. An unexpected meeting at the ball with Romeo - an enthusiastic moron - ignites an inextinguishable passion in the hearts of lovers. Juliet's father, the senile old man Capulet, and her brother Tybalt, a bully, a bully and a brawler, cannot reconcile themselves to this. As a result of a quarrel, Tybalt kills Benvolio, a friend of Romeo, with a flower pot. Kills vilely, in the back, stealthily. Romeo, in a fit of rage to death, bites Tybalt's ear, from which he tragically dies. Juliet secretly appoints Romeo a date: at the cemetery, where, as a result of comic intricacies and unexpected plot twists to the general joy of the play, the play ends with universal love, the triumph of humor, youth and beauty.


Romeo - People's Artist of Ukraine Boris Barsky

Juliet - Natalia Buzko, Honored Artist of Ukraine

Tybalt and Apothecary - People's Artist of Ukraine Georgy Deliev

Capulet - Mikhail Voloshin

Benvolio - Alexander Postolenko

Paris - Igor Malakhov

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