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Why go to the ROTTING CHRIST concert?

1. Hear live one of the best live bands in black metal.
2. Feel the power and power of the new album The Heretics, with which the Greeks are already smashing world clubs and festivals.
3. Ensure the relevance of the group even after 30 years of its existence.

Titans of the world metal scene with a 30-year history of Rotting Christ go on a tour of Ukraine with the new album The Heretics. This time, even bigger, louder, more powerful!

Rotting Christ is a band that has long captured its place on the extreme metal glory alley, but remains loyal to its fans and music and does not follow commercial trends. The Greeks made a significant contribution to the development of the metal scene and consistently fall into the ratings of the most impressive live bands in black metal.

Album The Heretics - opens a completely new chapter of the group, this is a war for the hearts and minds of people. The Tolis brothers found the perfect balance of the classical style of the group with unique reefs and rhythms on the one hand, and new elements on the other - such as Gregorian chants and satanic sermons, backed by a second-generation hyptotic black metal on the track or "Vetry Zlye" and metal march in the track "Raven" based on Edgar Allan Poe's mystical poem.
"I love living myths. Myths create dreams, and without dreams we are nothing, so I will continue until the end. As long as we live, we will play music and carry the slogan" Non Serviam "(I will not serve)" - Sakis Tolis.

Rotting Christ fans will confirm that every concert of the Greeks is a show of the highest grade thanks to the incredible energy and skill of the band members, led by the constant leader Sakis Tolis.

September 13 in Lviv, September 14 in Kiev and September 15 in Kharkov, the Hellenes will come out in support of the new album The Heretics, with which the band is now smashing the world's concert venues. Do not miss the show of the leading representatives of the metal, which will bring a squall from the runaway reefs and thundering percussions to the listeners!

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