Christmas Musical

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A musical from Broadway itself! A smart theatrical performance under the guidance of the genius Richard Montez - the director, whose productions were already seen in 82 countries of the world, and now the Ukrainian spectator will join them.

The musical is only three days in Kiev. But the impressions after it will remain for a long time.

American Christmas Musical. The story of true love. Values ​​and truths that are eternal. You can describe in different ways what you see on the stage, the main thing is you will get a huge pleasure from viewing.

Every day, we come across a whole list of tasks that are constantly updated and it seems that there is no end to the worries. Diseases, debts, problems with loved ones. The world dictates its rhythm and its rules. On Christmas Eve, we suggest you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of kindness. Remember what and who is behind this holiday. Feel the power of love and joy. Enjoy a high-quality theatrical product world-class.

Bright costumes, exciting music, choreography and special effects. A fascinating play of actors. All this and not only waits for you from 3 to 5 January.

Come to the musical, and then taste the delicious ginger tea. There will also be a whole Christmas town on the territory! Carousel, ice rink, entertainment zones. This Christmas will be remembered for a long time!

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