With your loved ones do not relax! ..

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Why should you go to the play "Do not relax with your loved ones"?

1. About serious things the characters talk with a touch of humor.
2. Feel the meaning of the famous saying "What we have - do not store, having lost - we cry."
3. Understand that small shocks can even be helpful.

The play is based on the play “A Random Touch” by American writer Jean Kerr. This talented woman had an extraordinary sense of humor, so many of her quotes became aphorisms.

The play "Do not relax with your loved ones" is a story full of irony about the crisis of family relations and "gray hair in a beard." Sparkling plot of suddenly surging feeling, of insights and quiet home joys.

Indeed, in fact, happiness itself is often in the latter. And the most important thing is a theatrical story about love. So different: funny, tragic, fictional, real, sales, timid ... And for some - already late. The peaceful existence of a prosperous family is interrupted when the spouse makes an unexpected confession. University teacher Jeff Cooper feels the most tender feelings for a young student named Elsie. His wife Katie is making desperate attempts to get her husband back. But here is an unforeseen turn: the eldest son Steve and his seductive girlfriendless girlfriend Felicia come to visit them.

What will it lead to and how will it end? The premiere of the family comedy "Do not relax with your loved ones" was held in 2014. Director - Valeria Aydina.

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