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The ARTSPAÑE Project of the Kyiv Planetarium and the Eclectic Sound Orchestra represent the new SAX spectacular musical and projection show in the City!

Ukrainian Saxophone Ensemble is a modern professional ensemble of saxophonists, each soloist of which is a true virtuoso in owning this truly legendary instrument.

Live performances of not two, not three, but a whole saxophone orchestra, just dizzying their heads along with the grandiose projections on one of the largest domes of Europe.

The magic of Saxophone and cult music, which is recognized by the generations as epoch-making masterpieces, make SAX and City the most extensive show program this season!

You have the opportunity to hear the following JUMP products:

P. Tchaikovsky - March with the ballet "Nutcracker" - (Arranging of V. Vinogradova)
P. Tchaikovsky - Dance of the shepherdesses from the ballet "Nutcracker"
T. Vitali - Chakon (Soloist - Artem Golodnyuk)
A. Khachaturian - Dancing with Saber from the Ballet "Gayane" (Arrangement of V.Vinogradova)
R. Zante - Fantasy on the theme of the Japanese song (Soloist Katerina Ternova)
R. Molinelli - Four New York Paintings:
I. Dreamy Dawn (Soloist - Danylo Dovbysh)
II Tango Club (Soloist - Artem Golodnyuk)
ІІІ Sentimental Evening (Soloist - Eugene Popel)
IV. Broadway Night (Soloist - Julia Zhitukhina)
S. Rachmaninov - Vocalis (Arrangement by J. Misha, soloist - Eugenia Zinenko)
A. Krepin - Sachs in the city
S. Biches - Little Flower (Arrangement by A. Krepena, soloist Julia Zhitukhina)
P. Tchaikovsky - Russian Dance (Soloist Danylo Dovbish)
M. Rimsky-Korsakov - Flight of Dumb (Arrangement of V. Vinogradova)
J. Misha - EASY HAKA
J. Brahms - Hungarian Dance # 5

Entrance to the Star Hall after the start of the concert is strictly forbidden.

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