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Why go to SBP4 concert?

1. The guys are known for their unpredictability: different compositions, rock sound, orchestra, electronic duets
2. For each city and each show, musicians masterfully find their solution, a special visual approach.
3. Alive, they can force to erase sneakers to holes and clench into a fist heart

They are called the brightest phenomenon in contemporary Russian music and an extremely special group. And this winter they will play three concerts in Ukraine!

SBP4 was formed in St. Petersburg in 2007. Determining their style is extremely difficult, as the songs of SBP4 masterfully combine electronics, indie pop and IDM. From album to album, the composition of the team changes (SBP4 has been visited by both the orchestra and the rock band), the sound, the topics touched upon. And live performances are unique at all: for every city, every show Kirill Ivanov and the company masterfully find their solution, a special visual approach that touches the viewer to the depths of the soul.

Dance like a dead man, dance like a sick man!

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